The Regal Magnesium trademark “REGALMG” was recognized as the famous trademark in Shanxi Province


On December 31 in 2014, Shanxi Province Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau issued a public notice that the trademark “REGALMG” of Regal Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. of Wenxi County was recognized as the famous trademark in Shanxi Province.

A famous trademark refers to the registered trademark with rather high market reputation, which is familiarized by the public, and was recognized according to the law. The recognization authority of famous trademark is the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Administrative Department. The obtaining of the famous trademark indicates that the unit owns such trademark has rather high reputation in the same industry of related products. The products using the trademark has a large amount of market sales, wide sales area, and high market share. The products has passed the recognition of national authority, and the quality has reached “double first”. The company quality, environment, safety management has reached international standards.

Since its establishment, Regal Magnesium has been adhering to the business philosophy of “honest and trustworthy, manage the factory by virtue, optimize management, and improve efficiency”, being realistic and practical, and forging ahead. After years of efforts, the magnesium, magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy products of Regal Magnesium have been widely used in titanium sponge, steel desulfurization, aviation, automotive, digital equipment and other industries, which has been widely recognized by the customers from both at home and abroad, and has been well received.

Over the years, Regal has been good in producing, and at the same time, concerned about the development of the brand strategy. The obtainment of the honor of “Famous Trademark of Shanxi Province” is a great achievement of Regal Magnesium in promoting the brand strategy. It will have a driving effect on raising of the popularity of the products and the overall competitiveness of the enterprise, as well as the sound and fast development of the enterprise economy. Regal Magnesium will take this as an opportunity to position itself in a new starting point, make persistent efforts, continuous improvement, to return with the customers and the society with better product quality, more powerful brand building and good corporate reputation.