Regal Magnesium is recognized as a high-tech enterprise


Recently, after the review and publicity organized by the Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province, Finance Department of Shanxi Province, the State Taxation Bureau of Shanxi Province, and the Local Bureau of Shanxi Province, Regal Magnesium has successfully passed the high-tech enterprise recognization of 2014, obtaining the certificate of high-tech enterprises.

A high-tech enterprise refers to the enterprise that continues research and development, and the transformation of technological achievements, which forms the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise and carries out business activities on its basis within the scope of the National Key Support of the High-Tech Fields issued by our country, and it is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economy entity.

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the industrial market has experienced a downturn, and the traditional industry can no longer meet the demands of the market. An enterprise has to carry out innovation if it wants to keep surviving and gaining profits, and continue to develop. Innovation is the motivation of the development of the enterprise, which can increase the competitiveness of the products, expand the market and set up a good brand. After the efforts of recent years, the high purity magnesium, new magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy has been widely used in military, aviation, automobile manufacturing, electronic device and other industries, which has been very well received by customers regarding the product properties and quality.

The pass of the high-tech enterprise recognition has fully demonstrated the strength of Regal Magnesium in high-tech products research and development. It is the reaffirmation and recognition of the scientific research ability and the overall technological level of Regal Magnesium by our nation and the governments at all levels, which is also an encouragement for Regal Magnesium. In the next stage, Regal Magnesium will continue to focus on market-oriented research and development, take the principle of “science and technology serves the market”, further improve the capability of independent innovation, promote the company’s brand image, continue to strengthen the investment in research and development, make efforts to improve technology innovation ability and service level, give full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprise and its exemplary role, help customers to improve the quality, build lasting product competitiveness, and create better conditions for promoting the sound and rapid development of the company.