Regal Metals 2018 ALU China and China Die-Casting concluded successfully!


In July 2018, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition and China Die-Casting Exhibition concluded successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

In the exhibition, more than 500 outstanding companies from more than 30 countries and regions fully display their entire industrial chain of aluminum industry including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related machinery and equipment and consumables. After elaborate preparation, Regal has become a highlight in the exhibition with superb technical level and high-performance R&D products, attracting many Chinese and foreign customers watching and negotiating.

Regal products on display include: cast aluminum alloy, deformed aluminum alloy, high-purity magnesium, cast magnesium alloy, wrought magnesium alloy and intermediate alloy. Regal also displays the independently-developed and patented aluminum and magnesium alloy with high thermal conductivity, high strength, high toughness, high flame retardancy, heat-resistant and creep-resistant to customers. Through this exhibition, many customers have a further understanding of the Regal products and future development, and they show strong willingness to cooperate on the spot. The exhibition is quite effective!

In the future, we will keep igniting the development path of Regal with more passion and fighting spirit. We will use the professional, dedicated, truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit of enterprise to create the brand of Regal's gold characters, which will achieve multi-win ultimately and repay society. See you next year in the W1 Hall, Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2019!