75th Annual World Magnesium Conference



75th Annual World Magnesium Conference will be held from this May 15-18 in New Orleans, USA. As a premier world class Magnesium Conference, people are in or related with magnesium industry will get reunion here, including magnesium manufacturers, magnesium recyclers, die-casting companies, processing companies, end-users and relative suppliers, etc. 

Agenda of this conference consists of reporting of technology & industry tendency, presentation of outstanding award holders, exhibition of suppliers, guests reception, tea break, VIP members communicative gathering, etc.

Regal, as an advanced global manufacturer in light-metal industry, is invited to attend this conference by organizer as in previous years.

With experience in conferences we attended, Regal is dedicated to improve and optimize every aspect we are involved in to launch more advanced and new materials, by communicating with industrial fellows and friends, together with our company’s conception for providing outstanding products and services, no matter for us, but also magnesium industry.

We warmly welcome and look forward to meeting you in this 75th Annual World Magnesium Conference.