Wenxi leadership being present at Regal Metal for work inspection on April, 2018


On April 13, 2018, the head of Wenxi County Mrs Yaping Huang with her team visited Shanxi Regal Advanced Material Co., Ltd for guiding the work. Mr. Xinwei Wang, the General Manager of Regal Metal, gave the detailed answer to the questions raised by Mrs Huang and made particular report regarding the Regal recent situation and the future development objectives.

Mrs Huang stated, the enterprise must put security management first with the intensified enforcement, improving safety measures, and making sure of the safe working. Keeping the company development as the orientation, enhancing the sensitivity, paying close attention to weak links, to make safety management work up to a higher level. Meanwhile, Mrs Huang Hopes Regal Metal will make more contributions to the local economic development and social harmony and stability in the future days.

2018 is a significant year for the company development. We will strictly control the management and eliminate all potential safety hazards. With the premise of being responsible for production and the safety of employees, we will continue to improve the product quality and enhance our brand competitiveness as well as make our utmost contributions to the economic development of Wenxi.