74th World Magnesium Conference Held| Growth Rate of China Still Highlighted


World magnesium conference of International Magnesium Association (IMA) was held in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore from May 21st to 23rd, and more than 230 representatives from 21 countries and regions in the world attended the conference. The conference participants comprised the forerunners in the global magnesium industry and industry experts, including the raw magnesium and recycling magnesium manufacturers, casting factories, processing enterprises, end users and suppliers, etc. 

In the conference, the magnesium industry and market of China was still an important focus in the world magnesium industry. There was a special Chinese session in the conference, for which Chinese-English bilingual simultaneous interpretation was provided during the whole process, attracting the participation of more than 50 Chinese representatives from raw magnesium and magnesium alloy production enterprises, magnesium alloy processing enterprises, local governmental agencies, magnesium material R & D institutes, and magnesium trading company, etc. As one of the representatives of Chinese enterprises, Regal Metal attended the conference and set up booth to exhibit the company products. In the several foreign reports on global industry and market, the progress and trend of magnesium industry in China is also a main topic. The content covers market research, new materials, new application, new technology, casting materials, deformed materials, electrolytic magnesium new factory, Pidgeon process and other new technologies. 

Mr. Kenwright, president of IMA, briefed about the efforts of IMA in representing the magnesium industry to have its voice heard, expanding the application of magnesium application and promoting the sustainable development of magnesium industry, especially the communication with the downstream customers and industrial organizations in face of the questioning about the material, and thanks to these efforts, positive effects have been achieved. In addition, Jane Guy, president of IMA declared that the place where the 75th world magnesium conference in 2018 is held will be New Orleans, Louisiana, the U.S. 


Although the conference has concluded successfully, information from different sources reveal that the current market has a great demand on new products, including plates, sectional materials and some magnesium alloy products with some special performance. In addition, more new products are constantly emerging on the international market, signifying that the magnesium industry is unfolding a new chapter, and also reminding us of the pressing urgency of innovation in magnesium industry as well as the importance of future development. Taking the opportunity of this conference, we will continue to intensify our efforts in the aspects of magnesium alloy with high thermal conductivity, high-performance magnesium alloy, rare earth magnesium alloy and other new materials so as to make due contribution to the development of magnesium industry.