74th World Conference of International Magnesium Association (IMA)


World magnesium conference of IMA will be held in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore from May 21st to 23rd, and this is an annual international conference of magnesium industry, which boasts a history of 74 years. In this conference, the industry experts will bring with them the latest news and progress of the industry, including the magnesium process, application, technology and environmental protection, etc. The arrangements during the conference include: Technological symposiums, communications on industrial progress, lectures delivered by excellent award winners, presentations by magnesium suppliers, receptions, banquets, tea breaks, and member-exclusive parties as well as other interexchange activities.

The conference participants comprise the forerunners in the global magnesium industry and industry experts, including the raw magnesium and recycling magnesium manufacturers, casting factories, processing enterprises, end users and suppliers. As a modern enterprise that is professionally engaged in the intensive processing R & D, production and sales of magnesium alloy, magnesium ingots, aluminum alloy and series products, Regal Metal has participated in the conference for several times. In this world magnesium conference of IMA, we also hope that we can take advantage of this opportunity to communicate extensively with people from magnesium industry, exchange with each other innovative concepts, grasp new solutions and explore more opportunities for cooperation!