The 13th Industry-College-Institute Cooperation and Exchange Fair of Yuncheng City(Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Pay a Field Visit to Ruige)


From November 24th to 25th, the 13th Industry-College-Institute Cooperation and Exchange Fair of Yuncheng City, which was hosted by Yuncheng Municipal Government and undertaken by Yuncheng Economic and Information Technology Commission, was held at Kong Gang Resort of Yuncheng. In addition to representatives of relevant enterprises and relevant government agencies, the fair invited more than 180 experts and scholars from various universities, research institutions and trade associations across the country, including Academician Wen Bangchun and Academician Zhou Guozhi. Deputy Party Secretary Chen Zhenliang and Vice Mayor Wei Zaixue attended the opening ceremony and signing ceremony respectively.

The theme of this Industry-College-Institute Cooperation and Exchange Fair is "communication, collaboration, integration and development". It is aimed at implementing the concept of innovation-driven development, solidly promoting the "Three Moving and Three New" development strategy, striving to speed up the construction of "Three Cities and One Center", strengthening the pragmatic cooperation of the enterprises and the major research institutes in the industry through the construction of interactive platform for innovation, promoting product updating and industrial structure optimization and achieving mutual benefit and common development of the enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Vice Mayor Wei Zaixue said in his speech, the municipal government and themunicipal Party committee have always attached importance to industry-college-institute cooperation and have consecutively held 12 industry-college-institute activities, which has played a pivotal role for improving the level of industrial technology and independent innovation and made outstanding contribution to the city's economic and social development. At present, Yuncheng is carrying out the "Two Learning and One Doing" education, conscientiously adhering to the series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and deeply implementing "Three Moving and Three New" development strategy in accordance with the provincial Party committee’s major ideas and requirements of "one guidance and attaching sufficient importance to both", to improve the ability of independent innovation, change the mode of economic development, promote industrial structure optimization and accelerate the construction of the "Three Cities and One Center". We hope to further promote the active integration of technology and industry through the industry-college-institute cooperation and exchange fair, and to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

During the fair, the group field trips were carried out. Led by Prof. Zhou Guozhi (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, physicist of metallurgy), the delegation of experts and professors including Sun Qian (General Secretary of Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Association) conducted the in-depth on-site visits and exchanges.

The delegation of experts visited the production lines of original magnesium, magnesium alloy as well as aluminum alloy one by one. Yan Guoqing, Deputy General Manager of our company, introduced in detail the production process, product performance, market demand and prospect of the company's various products; and had in-depth exchanges with the delegation of experts on innovation and energy-saving emission reduction, etc. The experts fully affirmed the modern production lines of Ruige and the advanced and mature production process, and gave Ruige a message to make greater contribution to Yuncheng and even China’s Nonferrous Metals industry based on the global vision and the integration of international advanced concepts and processes.