Rare Earth Magnesium Alloy with High Thermal Conductivity


New rare earth magnesium alloy material AEC440 is our patented products with high strength, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, creep resistance and many other advantages, among which heat conductivity is the most prominent advantages. Recently, further research on the thermal performance made the thermal conductivity of cast as high as 115w / (m.k).

AEC440 contains alloying elements Al, RE, Mn and Cu, can be used in communications, 3C, aerospace and other fields. Rare earth elements is well known as "industrial MSG", and its functions in Magnesium Alloys as following,

(a) Melt purification effect;

(b) Melt protective effect;

(c) Grain refinement strengthening effect;

(d) Solid solution strengthening effect;

(e) Dispersion strengthening effect 

(f )Aging precipitations effect

This high thermal resistance, corrosion resistance and creep resistance rare earth magnesium alloy, is specifically developed for structural parts with higher cooling requirements.

Established in 2008, the technology center of this company is identified as provincial-level enterprise technical center in 2010, construction area of nearly 1,000 square meters, over one hundred of professional and technical personnel. The establishment of this technology center ensures the product quality and R & D needs, providing a strong technical support and protection in new products, new technologies, new processes and other areas.

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